Fugetsuro has carved out a history with Shizuoka city after the Restoration.
Lord Yoshinobu lived in the mansion for 20 years. Following this, it became a reception hall of Shizuoka for the next 120 years.

- The Last general Lord Yoshinobu Tokugawa -

In Meiji2 (1869), after the return of political power to the Emperor by Tokugawa shogunate, Lord Yoshinobu Tokugawa made a garden, which is the present Fugetsuro's garden. Then he lived there for 20 years. He avoided all government duties and immersed himself in his hobbies. He was called "Keiki-sama" and was honored by citizens of Shizuoka. During the last days of the Tokugawa government, there were various rumors but, we feel he was a clever and great monarch who led Japan to modernization. There were some episodes not in the textbooks, but in Shizuoka city and at Fugetsuro.

- Fugetsuro in the age of Lord Yoshinobu -


This is a picture of Fugetsuro's garden where Yoshinobu had lived.
He occasionally enjoyed the smell of ume(a Japanese plum) and sailed a boat in the pond.
He enjoyed the passing time slowly.

- Calm and leisurely days -


This picture is Lord Yoshinobu who is wearing hunting clothes.
When he lived at Fugetsuro, he enjoyed his hobbies,
especially hunting. He followed some wild ducks at local Shizuoka's river or pond.
Also he went to Mt.Amagi in Izu, even so far from Fugetsuro, to seek wild boar.

- Free and open-minded personality -


Yoshinobu's personality was free and open-minded, something we can't imagine from general authority. So, he was curious about new age. He was famous for driving a leading-edge vehicle and bicycle. At that time, bicycles, which were not a common sight in Japan, were very difficult to ride, because their front wheel was big. The story that he fell off his bicycle into the river, which flowed along the northern of Fugetsuro, is still told today by elderly residents.

- A stormy life -

Fugetsuro had 3 accidents involving fire. The first was in Meiji25 (1892), one year after opening business, then in Showa15 (1940) Fugetsuro experienced a Shizuoka disastrous fire. The last one was in Showa20 (1945), it suffered damage from the war. Every time it was rebuilt after a fire. The pond and the garden were almost the same as old time's. However, some lanterns have signs of fire damage.